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Take a lesson but take care for your horse after !

After the riding lesson, take care of your horse. Several steps are required, and begin you must remove its saddle, then brush it and verify that it is not sores ...

The care after a riding lesson

First, remove its saddle. Then use a rubber bristle brush to loosen dirt on the coat of your horse. Make circular movements with the brush on the body of your friend. To avoid injury to the delicate skin, do not use a bristle brush rubber on its face or its legs. Use a stiff brush to remove dirt from the surface of the coat. Make moving back and forth with the brush to remove dirt stuck to the coat. Check on this occasion no injuries.

Third step, clean out the hooves with a hoof pick. This is essential. Stand beside the horse and use one hand to bend and support your friend's shoe. A hoof pick is used to remove stones, grass or other object that would be accommodated in the horse's hooves. Scratch the clog by taking away your face so that the dirt which comes loose clogs does not penetrate into your face or into body. Then with a shoe brush, you rub the entire hoof wall to thoroughly remove all dirt.
Brush tail your pony or your horse to the well unravel. Use a comb mane. Go slowly and unravel the tangles carefully to avoid pulling on the hair or cause them to fall. You can also use the stiff brush on the tail of the animal to give it a pleasant and soft appearance.
Last step, use a soft brush to smooth the hair on your horse. Make large brush strokes on the coat to smooth his hair and remove any remaining dirt. This soft brush will also coat your beautiful and brilliant companion.

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