Horse farm
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Horse riding is for everyone !

The riding is the sport for all.

To ride brings relaxation

The riding is an asset for the health. It is the sport which maintains the shape, which gives some breath and some energy and which allows to get fresh ideas by changing universe. But to be cavalier, it also is to meet permanently challenges and to manage to surpass itself. To ride or to pony is a pleasure which allows to get fresh ideas and to relax. A relation is established between the rider and its horse or its pony. The confidence and the complicity build up themselves. The interaction of a human being with its horse while taking into account the psychological peculiarities of the animal is highlit in 20th century and was celebrated in Robert Redford's movie, The Horse Whisperer.

Nature and sharing

 The riding is a sport of outside which allows to get oxygenated all year round and to take advantage of the rhythm of the seasons. It is an individual sport which we practise in a group and who allows numerous exchanges with people of the same age who share the same passion. The riding favors the respect for others, for animal life, gives the taste of the effort, the commitment and the perseverance.

Activities for all the tastes

Of the initiation into the improvement, the collective courses until the competition the riding it is as we want. The riding it is also the possibility to ride or to pony one or several times a week in a course adapted to its level, to participate in animations, in training courses during the school holidays, within a riding school in particular.

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