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Fint a saddle that match your needs

Each person has their own morphology, preferences, etc. Each rider is therefore also different according to the characteristics mentioned above. That's why it is imperative to find the saddle that meets your needs. To do this, you must define your requirements and contact the best service provider.

Know your needs

Before you buy your saddle, you must know the characteristics of your ideal saddle. Indeed, different brands are available on the market. They differ according to the materials used, the aspects of the elements, the shape, the size, etc. You will also find new saddles as used saddles. You must orient your choice through its different criteria. The comfort of your horse and yours is the most important criterion for finding the perfect saddle. You must select the one that matches your body size and marries that of your horse. Indeed, if the saddle is not adapted it could have consequences on his health. And of course, you must consider the discipline and future use of the saddle before you buy it. Depending on the activity, training, sport, walk, different saddles are proposed. All these criteria define the points to check on the quality of the product.

Contact the best provider

To be satisfied with your purchase, you must contact the best provider. At equitack you will find a wide range of choices depending on your needs. This online store offers different models for all tastes. Indeed, it distributes the products of big brands like Antares, CWD, Voltaire Design. You can also choose new or used saddles in the selection panel of choice. Whatever the color, shape, size, etc. you will find the one that fits your needs. In addition, the service offered by this provider is personalized. You can ask for their assistance and advice if you do not yet know the proper saddle for your discipline. Being professionals and specialists, they will guide you to the best choice. You will also have 7 days to try the saddle you bought. Indeed, they offer a satisfied service or refund during this period. All conditions are met to meet your needs