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Dressage is like Yoga for horses !

To draw a good horse, it is not enough to arm a fine used saddles, a good helmet and proper attire. You should know progress gradually, stride by stride. But still need to know his work well position of the bust and trim. Indeed, the position remains perfect whatever your level and will find all its interest in achieving your exercise and develop an active attitude that is needed to influence the balance of your horse and get to the classic together.

The best look for good starting work on its position and to correct defects related to bust and the position of the hands, there is nothing better than not. It is actually normal working position is demanding either physical or mental level since'll have to fight constantly to muscle memory in addition to your horse that will have to support your stiffness, impaired balance your and your trials.

Well improve its position

Before starting work, you must leave your horse his fifteen minutes not long rein. Beyond it you can now focus on carrying all your attention on your posture while cnutes your devoting the last minutes of your session to work your binder and balance trot and the canter. This is the best way to improve his position without your horse suffers or not be embarrassed. The rest of the session will then focus more on your horse to improve his relaxation and balance.

You should also know that it is important or even essential to always fight against muscle memory without forgetting each point.

For everything to go well, we must first take his time without rushing things. To draw a horse, it is actually normal to go slowly. As a rider, you will learn to master some things like relaxation, awareness of his own body, his posture, a bit like learning yoga which greatly helps to change its posture daily.