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The history of horse stools

More known today, only for their brands and materials, the saddles have also had beginnings. Generally, the history is not really precise but it is in Antiquity that people started using saddles for their horse in order to spare the animal but also for the comfort of the rider.

For the little story

There are generally two types of saddle, English and Western. Both cultures used horses very much at the time. What differentiates the two is their height and consistency mainly. Normally, the English saddle is flatter and light, while the Western saddle is much higher and heavier. As for the latter, it is still called American saddle coming from the conquistadors. It was the Spaniards who carried these stools in America. Over time, this has evolved a lot. But it must be known that from the beginning the saddle of a saddle was always in wood it is the leather that evolved. Before it was rawhide that will adhere to the wood after being receded and soaked and sewn on the tree. The condition of the leather has since changed but this original shape is still existing in the best upholstery. With more research the upholstery started another way to guarantee the stability of the rider with simple leather. With the use several variants began to appear on the market until now.

The saddle currently

Today, the stools are more diversified even though they originated from the same models. Use and practice wanted some changes in appearance and not in consistency. Since the brands have begun to flood the market and are becoming more and more expensive. But after a while of use, these brand saddles gets to their definitive shape which is the most comfortable and are offered by used saddles for sale for a second chance. And that's how the saddle price was made available to all riding fans. And the evolution of this equipment is not ready to end with all the variants on the market of luxury saddles.