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Why used saddles can be still good for your back ?

Nowadays, the majority of riders are more sensitive to the importance of a saddle that goes to horse and rider. However, they do not know where all the fine used saddles to be placed. Many questions are often asked in forums asking for help because they chose a custom saddle for a horse race when it fails to remain in place on their mounts or other reasons. When we then say to saddle his horse, is made on everyday gestures, put the saddle on the withers, a damper and a breastplate. Your mount is now locked.

Consequence of misplaced saddle on his horse

Misplaced saddle can cause restriction of the amplitude of past ie the rigid arch of the tree will simply block the shoulder blades rocking. Similarly to the strap that is stuck behind earlier. This is also the case if the tourniquet is locked, if the rider is not centered in the saddle since his weight will then create pressure points on long dorseaux horse. The latter will then have to fight to keep his balance although this will not be an easy thing and do not put all at ease.

On the back of the rider

If misplaced saddle can have so many causes over the horse's back, imagine what it can also do the back of the rider. The latter is actually in the process of bouncing tirelessly in his saddle especially during the trot. It is possible that this may cause shocks and bad implications for the spine of the rider. Following several studies, more than half of the riders currently suffer from back pain if 40% of them going up less than three hours per day only suffer from pain in the back against 70% for those who ride more than five hours. Horseback riding can then have bad consequences on our backs if awkwardly, very intensive practice of misplaced saddle, carrying heavy objects.