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What's the best brand for you

I know how much it is difficult for a person who discovers saddles, to choose one. Flat, hollow, semi flat, semi hollow, monodistrict or not, new or used saddle, which size, which budget. That of questions !

Definition of a saddle

A saddle does not have to interfere with a natural situation. In other words, it is normal to observe so many different models of saddles on the corresponding market in so much of different morphotypes …
The saddle has to insure you of the stability and some looseness, what will allow you a bigger ease in the execution.

What are the best saddles?

Everybody knows Antarès, Butet, Devoucoux... Before proposing a top of the best brands of saddles, it is good to make at once a clarification : say that a brand is better than an other one has no value of the absolute truth. It depends on your practice, on your budget and on the couple rider / horse.
Here are the notices which I have on the best brands of saddles, for lack of having an opinion on the best.
I suggest you making the top of the best saddles according to the disciplines.
For the mixed saddles, Delgrange is one if not the best brand of saddles. Delgrange, I do not know which miracle I have never seen a horse to which it did not go !
For dressage : saddles Antarès and saddles Devoucoux are very well for the level placement and for horses.
For jumping : Delgrange, Devoucoux, Butet, Cwd, Antarès are the very best saddles.

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