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The best brands restored at Equitack

The purchase of a saddle is often a big block because there is a diversity of shops that offers good quality products, but does it conform to your horse. It can be difficult for us to know which option is the most appropriate.

Why buy worn saddles?

The saddle is an accessory that must adapt to both the rider and the animal. Although at first glance, they all seem identical, each one of them has been designed with the purpose of putting its customers in agreement with the horse. The saddle is a product that is permanently in contact with a living body. For good quality, it must be the result of a good experience and meticulous craftsmen.

A good shop well referenced

When we talk about Equitack is still the only well-referenced shop in the world. She now counts several generations by consulting her history. It makes available to a beautiful team well qualified and experienced this leather saddle factory generally. Do you know that this saddle passes through the hands of several people before putting on the windows of sale online? The work starts from the selection of raw materials, then a good cut, good seam with a good quality finish, and of course the test of every saddle exiting the factory. Equitack is also a growing store and as a novelty product, the used english saddles for sale at a good value for money.

Restore a saddle

With the same greed and the same attention, to detail with which the saddler strives to obtain a beautiful product. Point by point, details are important from punches, nails, half-moons, swirls, and other tools to point, cut, cut or engrave leather. Everything has its place in a large workshop where order reigns and everything has its place. Logically, it takes 10 days of 12 hours a day to make each frame, all are, of course, hand-made from assembly to sewing.

Now, the new materials are there, and equitack is going into production and it is with conviction that they have had the good marks of the experts in riding and that they now support the different races of horse.