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Riding without a bite

Riding is a centenary activity and a passion that is passed down through the ages. This discipline is seen evolve after these hundreds of years existence thus giving birth to the most interesting accessories. This was done so that the riding in it becomes even safer and more pleasant.

Riding without accessories

You should know that riding was already without stirrups during the reign of Louis XIV. Also, the lack of saddle when riding risky and very real disadvantages. Already, the side of the horse, fatigue will be felt easily at his level if we use up raw or riding bareback. Obviously, if the increased flood rises could even cause injury to the animal if this is the case. Regarding the rider, already, no saddle exclude using to climb onto the animal not to mention the comfort that will be greatly reduced. Also, the post and the abductor will be greatly solicited if the saddle is not present. Of course, it goes without saying that we can no hang all the equipment needed when riding without a saddle.

The foolproof stools

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