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Ride your horse without equipment

The horseback riding was always an exciting activity for both smaller than adults. Existing forever, its practice is still relevant today. What changes is just the way of the climb. While formerly kept finding equipment to maintain balance and facilitate the rise of a horse, is now preferred the rise in raw where non-use equestrian equipment.

Bareback Riding his horse

Get rid of your used french saddles and ride bareback your horse could be an exciting and adventurous experience. Yet it must be remembered that this technique has many advantages and disadvantages are not to be overlooked. However, not your horse can get tired, remember to alternate the practice with that equipped. Indeed, the freedom he feels at a thought to rise could encourage him to deploy all its capabilities. Which is usually dangerous because it must be admitted that the horse has an incredible force.

The benefits of ride bareback

Ride his horse without the equipment has many advantages both for the rider and for the equine in question. It develops the rider's balance, so he improves his plateful. This practice also helps to relax him and be more attentive him because ride bareback of the horse requires anticipation of its shares. Also, since the raw mounted requires sitting more upright position, it relieves back pain.

The disadvantages of ride bareback

As nice as it is, ride a horse without any equipment could be dangerous.Indeed, the poor posture of the rider could destroy the stability of the horse. If it does not find its home at the gallop, it would be possible to have an accident simply by inattention. Note also that if you do not have to saddle your horse, ride a horse could be a great test. Finally, choose well your equine partner for a rise bareback because only muscled horse galloping remain comfortable.