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How to grease a used saddle ?

The passion for horses is not limited to physical exercises to be given regularly. Indeed, it gives off a great responsibility not only on the horse in question, but also on the material that is used for horseback riding. To take care of the stallion, we can already call the veterinarian. This is not always the case of equine materials that are especially used the saddle. The maintenance of that actually requires a working knowledge so that it can shine and keep beauty to best enhance your equine.

Renovating an used saddle

It is important to know that the saddle is the security guarantee of the horse and rider. It is through it that they can make one. However, the lubrication of a used saddle as cwd used saddles requires work hard enough for it to regain its beauty and almost like new. It must be cleaned both above and below the neighborhoods. The material shall, therefore, be as efficient as possible.

When the use of a sponge, it would be best to dry it to the maximum. Thus, the dust and sands avoid scratching the leather. As for the seams, it would be best to clean them carefully and use a toothbrush for hard to reach places. Once cleaned, you can now go to the grease. The use of a balm saddle would be ideal for it to shine again. We must apply a thin layer of the leather with a sponge or gently wipe with a clean cloth. Once it has penetrated the leather, a second layer of fat cannot amplify its shine and give you a more than satisfactory result. Note, however, that a small drying time is necessary when applying the first and second layer of fat. Also, it would be best to grease all the saddle whether above or below.