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How to get the best out of second hand equipment

By buying second-hand, you expect necessarily a lower price and an equipment already a little bit worn. To know if the saddle you're offered and used is at its fair price, this requires knowing its price.Verify the prices in shop, in particular on the on-line stores. Buying at the right price will allow you to take advantage your second hand equipment for years. We can only advise you on this matter to go on the online shop of where you will find excellent used saddles for sale, designed and made by large saddlers of international fame.

To get the best out of your second-hand equipment it is then necessary to assure you that it is in a state. Yet, it is not easy thing when you are not a specialist to notice by yourself the state, good or bad of a saddle. Even there, do not waste your time looking for a good saddle among all the private individuals' on-line announcements or on the catalogues of so-called professionals which sell of the second hand equipment. Trust, all our second-hand saddles are verified by professional saddlers.

Leveraging its used equipment also means properly maintain to keep it longer

It is important to take good care of your equipment, to avoid premature wear or simply injury. Boots, belts, carpets, saddles, bits ... All need a regular routine of cleaning to last in the time and not risk to hurt your horse. What are the good moves ? What products to use ? Daily routine :

We highly advise you to maintain daily your equipments. A few simple actions, which will take you a few minutes. If labor protections are dry, a brush will be enough to leave the sand and hair. Feel free to rub them with water if the sludge has accumulated, after a walk, for example. If your leather took the rain, wet sand or salt from the sea, think systematically after each session to pass a little glycerine soap blow to prevent dirt being burnt. Use of glycerine soap spray with a flat square sponge bought in supermarkets. This duo really cleans quickly every kind of surface.