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How to equip your horse for jump competition ?

Show jumping is a discipline that consists in linking very different obstacle course without any fault if possible on a limited field and in a very particular order. The rider will then have to demonstrate mastery and horse, meanwhile, will show a strong ability to overcome each of the obstacles with speed and respect. Today, the sport is becoming more technical. It is possible that the strides are long and short eased and most bars. To win dams, options become increasingly tight.

In jumping, there are several bars of varying complexity that must be overcome including the vertical barrier which is built on the vertical plane can take the form of a wall or a spider, which the oxer is built on two levels with the help of two candlesticks with a variable, the spa is built over three levels, the river that is both modular and movable depending on the chosen route and can be replaced with bidets plastic. Anyway for anyone jumping, the most important thing in horse equipment but also the rider.

Although equip his horse

To equip his horse before each competition or each jump, you'll need the flange, the cwd used saddles, waist strap of the seat belt, the seat cushion, the comb, the soft brush and of course the hoof pick brush.

First you need to brush your horse. Then you have to clean out and brush his front hooves ask the mat and seat cushion. Now you can place your saddle and cinch the not forget to adjust the stirrups. It'll just clamp meter and adjust the amounts and under-throat. Note that you still need to clear the horse's withers and the carpet of the saddle pommel and you should check the absence of folds on the saddle cloth. During the cure hoof, you must not touch the fork either before or after mounting your horse. Remember to tighten the strap of the saddle after walking your horse to deflate his belly.