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How to be friend with your horse ?

With the changing world and history, horses are now becoming more and more close to human beings. They become their passion and their best friend. Some people place a high value and more time to look after them. But despite this, there are still many horses who follow their natural instincts and hard to get rid of their fears. In these cases, to approach him, to know him and to help him overcome his fear is a responsibility that we must not ignore.

To be friend with her horse in a few steps

Create a friendship with a horse is quite possible. Like any relationship, it is cultivated and is based on trust. That's why, win it is essential before giving your used french saddles for your equestrian activities. How to get closer to him? This is a question that is answered in a few steps.

It must first be put in mind that the horse is a living being. On this, treat it as a friend creates a sense of reassurance and calm him in your presence. If it has no name yet, so this is an opportunity to give him so that he can recognize himself. Do not forget that this type of animal has a personality. To approach him, study his way of being, his behavior and his needs, get it out from time to time of its box without having to mount him will build your relationship and will only strengthen it over time. It pointed out that this type of animal is of a sensitive nature. Try to get closer to him in his rythm. Take care of him by making him little massages, make his shower or itches her back. Why not give him his hay by yourself, it will allow him to meet you in return and teach him to better manage his fears.

Like everybody, the visual is very important to create a lasting relationship. Visit him from time to time even when it is in the meadows give you points. By rewarding the efforts of you will have a happy horse and desperate to give you satisfaction on his return.