Horse farm
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Have a look at our great winter offers

There is nothing to say, we are all fan of horses. These animals are so majestic, all we want is to get on them and walk their backs throughout the day. But, as we know very well, a horse is not given, it should really be easy to offer one. Fortunately for us, it is always possible to realize his dream by going to a riding center. But, before you get there, you must have the right equipment. Do not worry, do not worry about the prices you have seen in specialty shops. There are shops that only sell second-hand stools. You have to turn to that one.

It is time to offer you the saddle of your dreams.

To have a horse saddle nowadays, it is no longer very complicated. In addition, with the Christmas and New Year celebrations coming, this is the perfect time to shop. If for you a new saddle is too expensive, we have the ideal solution. Buy a used seat. Yes, a used saddle will suit you too. But, you have to go to the good shop to have the best used stool. And of course, if you come into ours, you have the certainty that you will find what you need. We have a lot of cwd used saddles, and we are sure that it will be difficult for you to make a choice. We have so much variety that you will not know where to look. Most important to know also is that in these holiday periods, we give discounts on our used saddles. The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. That's why we're working so you can find what you want. And once you have found the seat for you, do not hesitate a single second, buy one. Otherwise, someone else might beat you.