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Fitting techniques to ensure performance

Choosing a saddle is a difficult question. It is better not to be wrong, for the budget of course, but especially for the horse, that's why buying used saddles is the solution for you. The saddle fitting is therefore working on the ergonomics of the saddle. Evaluate, adapt, but also advise and guide the owners and riders to improve the performance of the couple and allow the horse to express its full potential while preserving its ligaments, muscles and cartilage and thus extend his sporting career. It is also to ensure a good position for the rider, and to reduce certain undesirable behaviors which are very often the expression of the pain in the horse.

Adjustment technique

It is possible to make adjustments to improve the fitting of your saddle, for example to modify the opening of arcade, to add shims to rebalance a saddle which lacks support at the back, to reflock (to adjust the wool which fills the panels), enlarge the gutter, etc. The padding of a saddle can be filled with different materials: wool, felt, foam or even air. The wool has the advantage of being able to be worked to bring the right support, the optimal comfort, and the form which will marry perfectly the back of your horse. It is breathable, renewable, cushioning. It must, however, be regularly maintained because it gets stuck with time, molds on the back of the horse to which it belonged. In the case of an old saddle, the wool can also be changed in its entirety.

Caliper settings

The height of its stirrups is adjusted according to the work to be done. The height of the stirrups greatly influences the rider's attitude, but also the freedom of movement of the horse. The more the rider sits in the saddle, the better his plate. But the horse also feels the weight of it. The more the rider relies on the stirrups, and the better the agility of the horse. Here is why the adjustment is to be determined according to a discipline to perform, or just to hike.