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Do you rather ride as western, english or saddle seat ?

You want to get a new saddle ensuring both your safety and that of your horse? The best would be for you to choose among used saddles for sale on the market. These are the most accessible in terms of price while quality materials. What is the difference between the English and western riding?

The difference between the English and western riding

You should know that if you choose one or the other, you can walk safely to the destinations of your choice. However, there are still many differences between the English and western riding. If the latter is the founder of the modern riding, angalise is practiced in all countries of the world while having undergone several changes. It is also considered to be traditional and formal form of riding.

As for equipment, for example, the western saddle is much larger and therefore provides more stability especially in rough terrain while the English saddle is specifically designed for the unimpeded movement of the horse. It is smaller, lighter and flatter with generally metal stirrups. The bits also vary by country, some of which are harmful to the horses. Regarding the reins, they are split into Western riding with one hand and are attached to the end and held with both hands for English riding.

Both techniques have their purposes. In order to choose the right one that will suit your needs, it is essential that you first take into account the type of horse you have in possession then well determine what you want to do. The Western riding is much more relaxed if the English is more formal. You can not for example jump with a western saddle because it is too heavy or ride English. Most riders learn to ride in both directions. This could have their advantages and disadvantages but to you to find your way.