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Publié le - 2021 v. -

A horse can galop faster without a saddle ?

Not easy to answer this question. Between supporters of bareback , ie without saddle, and supporters of the saddle, was quick to get lost !
The bareback comeback today among our quests natural and absolute.

The disadvantages and advantages of riding bareback

The absence of a saddle on his horse has some drawbacks it is good to mention: the side of the animal , the bareback riding can cause fatigue and even cause injuries , especially in the back inherent in the restricted distribution of the weight of the rider . Regarding the latter, it may be noted that he has no help to climb on his mount , nothing to hold and not the eventual comfort of the saddle.

Nothing will, anyway, forget the relationship must be established between horse and rider. Now, under the bareback riding, there is no "barrier" (the saddle) between man and horse, it can therefore fully felt his rider, and communication is established, simply, naturally. This melee allows a better understanding, a relationship with finesse, full of great sensitivity between the animal and the rider who can freely use the weight of his body and touch thighs, knee, calf, to express will. It can act in a sensitive and sensible way, taking into account his horse, which is unique. Riding bareback allows, moreover, the rider, to position naturally, just behind the withers, the center of gravity.
Meanwhile, the horse has to bear less weight, less heat and less straps, avoids some injuries.
This is not an apology for riding without a saddle but rather to show an experience if not essential, at least fulfilling and this, whatever your level, regardless of your rider objectives.

The gallop bareback

Before gallop without a saddle, you'd better have some experience of the bareback riding. It requires skill, balance and coordination on the part of the rider, it does not have equipment to offset its balance errors. Meanwhile, gallop rather with one of our antares saddles !