Horse farm
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Castles and jacuzzi in the trees

A castle and a jacuzzi in the trees: the idea is quite eccentric at first glance but still seems quite attractive. Very pleasant in the end, since it would be more interesting to stay in this unusual place than to book a cheap spa session for an afternoon: zoom in on this trip!

The principle

The concept is to fall back into childhood while enjoying the well-being and comfort offered by the high-perched cabin with its jacuzzi. In this concept, we will have set aside the hut in the garden of the parents or the neighbor, but this time it is a whole other much better universe that is offered to the privileged. So, staying in this almost enchanted place would be a way to spend precious romantic time in complete privacy and tranquility.

Perched high up, your only view will be the forest and the greenery up to the horizon, which makes this place a real castle of well-being.

Little one, who has not dreamed of having his cabin?

The cabin you will be entitled to is quite a different style. Besides the fact that it is perched 30 meters from the ground, the comfort it offers is exceptional. The bedroom is carefully decorated for a cozy chic atmosphere with rustic furniture while maintaining modernity and elegance. The cabin is also surrounded by a beautiful terrace which will allow you to relax at the end of the evening or roast in the morning for breakfast.

When it comes to the jacuzzi tub, it is this comfort that also makes all the difference. Thus, during your stay, you will be able to enjoy a good hot tub to reach the height of well-being in the heart of nature. The jacuzzi placed in the cabin offers an almost magical moment during this unusual trip.

Spending a few days in this cabin, enjoying its jacuzzi, its terrace and endless greenery would then be like a fairy tale that takes place in a castle. And for that matter, why not make her marriage proposal in this unusual place!